Covid travel recommendations

Travel during Covid

COVID-19 is an infectious disease that has been spread worldwide. Cases and deaths around the world rise every day. Although this pandemic has hit every country, travelling has not been completely restricted. Most countries nowadays allow travelling, however, keep in mind that there are some rules that must be followed. Each country has different restrictions regarding COVID-19. In this article, we will discuss how to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic and give you some advice about it.

The risks of travelling during a pandemic are high. You can get yourself infected or others as well. However, before you plan anything you should consider some precautions.

Recommendations for international travels

Even though travelling has, as detailed above, undergone several restrictions, there are certain aspects of travelling that remain unchanged, such as the need for valid identification when travelling internationally.

The passport is the most important travel document to help you cross borders internationally without any problems, as it identifies you worldwide. The need for a valid passport to identify yourself with is perhaps even greater during such a pandemic, as the official data about the people crossing borders helps to dim the spread of COVID-19.

Therefore, you should make sure that you possess a valid passport before embarking on your travels. If you need to apply for a new passport it is better to do so with enough time to spare before you leave the country.

Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, some important places that you could need to gather the documents needed for your passport application may be closed, such as a photography studio. But don’t worry about that!

We have developed a tool, that will help you create the perfect passport photo for your country. Our passport photo editor will make sure that the picture adheres to all the photo guidelines of your country so that you do not need to worry about your photo being rejected! And the best thing is: you do not even need to leave your house to take it! You can easily take the photo with your phone at home and avoid any unnecessary contact with other people prior to your travels.