Embassy of Panama in La Paz, Bolivia

Country Flag of Panama Country Flag of Bolivia
Address:Calle 10, No. 7853 de Calacoto, Casilla: 678
City, Country:La Paz, Bolivia
Phone:(+591) 2 278 7334
Fax:(+591) 2 279 7290
Updated:April 2020

About Embassy of Panama in La Paz, Bolivia

Embassy of Panama in Bolivia offers a complete range of consular services to locals, people with Passport from Panama, and international citizens in Bolivia.
The Embassy of Panama in Bolivia provides support to Citizens of Bolivia for:
  • General or specific informations regarding Panama economy, culture, sports, education and more
  • Requirements regarding the process of getting Citizenship of Panama
  • Official informations in Bolivia
  • Travel Visa application for Panama

Visa and Passport services

This service is available for citizens with main residence in Panama or Bolivia exclusively.
The process of issuing Visa and Passport for Panama can take a few weeks. Please contact the Embassy if you have any question regarding this matter.

Visa and Passport photo services for Panama

Panama passport, visa, citizenship & ID photos can be made from a photo you take with your camera by using our online photo service for Panama or with our mobile passport photo webapp. The photo will be ready to be printed with the exact specification that the government of Panama requires.